• Does your PARADOX Alarm have a red TBL light displayed ?
  • Is your PARADOX Alarm BEEPING every 5 seconds ?
  • Does your PARADOX Alarm need a SERVICE ?

Your alarm system continuously monitors several trouble conditions When a trouble condition occurs, the [TBL] key will illuminate. Press the [TBL] key, This will stop the beeping, but will not fix the fault. When you push the TBL button one or more lights will come on illuminating a number corresponding to the trouble the system is experiencing.

Paradox Alarm Repairs
  • LED # Description Details
    [1] No/Low Battery Failure
    [2] Wireless Transmitter Low Battery
    [3] Power Failure Upon power failure, the AC LED on all keypads will turn off.
    [4] Bell or PGM2 Disconnected
    [5] Maximum Bell Current
    [6] Maximum Auxiliary Current
    [7] Communicator Report Fail
    [8] Timer Loss – Press the [8] key followed by the current time using the 24-hour clock (i.e. 8:30PM =20:30).
    [9] Tamper/Zone Wiring Fail
    [10] Telephone Line Monitoring
    [STAY] OR [11] Fire Loop Trouble
    [FORCE] or [16] Keypad Fault
    [BYP] OR [12] Module Loss
    [MEM] OR [13] Wireless Transmitter Supervision Loss

    Press The [CLEAR ] button to exit.
    The only troubles we suggest you fix yourself are [8] timer loss and [3] Power Failure

    To set the time.
    Press the TBL button then Press the [8] key followed by the current time using the 24-hour clock (i.e. 8:30PM =20:30).

    For [3] check your fuse box to make sure that a fuse hasn’t blown if they are all good.

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