Network / Ness


  • Does your  alarm have a SERVICE light on ?
  • Does your alarm BEEP madly when you turn it on or off ?
  • Has it been FALSE ALARMING
Alarm Repairs

Networx / Ness Troubleshooting

Hills, Networx and DAS are marketed under different brands but are essentially the same alarm. These are good alarms, easy to use and usually give reliable service. To keep your alarm in top working condition the alarm should be serviced and the back up battery replaced at least every 4 years. Unfortunately many of these alarms were poorly installed years ago by companies working under the “free alarm with expensive monitoring contract” deals.

However the alarm itself is rugged and reliable.It can be monitored through a phone line,to either a monitoring station, or programmed to call your cell phone. Remote controls (key fobs) can easily be added as can wireless sensors. The alarm self monitors many faults and if a fault is present the Keypad will beep quickly when armed or disarmed or a service light will be on, indicating the alarm Needs attention.

  • If the service light is on press the * key followed by the 2 key. One or more lights will illuminate.
    To exit the service light mode press #
    If the 6 light is on, it means telephone line problems
    The 7 light means that you are monitored by a monitoring station and there has been a failure to communicate with that station. Try arming and then disarming the system.

    The 8 light is that your alarms internal clock needs to be reset
    To reset the clock Press *96
    Enter the master code
    Enter the day of the week (1=Sunday,2= Monday, 3=Tuesday, etc)
    Enter the month, must be 2 digits eg 05 for may
    Enter the day must be 2 digits eg 07 for the 7th
    Enter the year, 2 digits eg 16 for 2016
    Press # to exit

    For problems other than lights 6,7 and 8.
    Call us to arrange a service 0800 38 00 38.