• Has the POWER LIGHT been FLASHING on your Micron Alarm?
  • Has your Micron alarm been FALSE ALARMING?
  • Been False Alarming when it’s not even armed?
Micron Alarm Repairs

Micron Troubleshooting

Then YES it needs a SERVICE!Micron Alarms have been designed and manufactured here in New Zealand for over 35 years. They are exported to more than thirty five countries throughout Australia, Asia, North Africa, Europe and the Middle East.They are a very popular brand of alarm here in New Zealand and many have been installed over this time. Models have included Scorpion, Micron 6 Pac, Lynx and Traxx. The older models are fairly basic, however many have given good service over the years. Like all alarms they do need servicing and the back up battery should be replaced every four years.