• Does your ELITE Alarm have the “SYSTEM” led flashing?
  • Does your ELITE Alarm have the “TROUBLE” led flashing?
  • Is it FALSE ALARMING when not even armed?
  • Does your ELITE Alarm need a SERVICE?

Your alarm system continuously monitors a number of trouble conditions. When a trouble condition occurs press the memory button. The first things that will be displayed are the current system faults. With an LCD keypad the faults will be in text. With an LED keypad use the following table

Elite Alarm Repairs
  • LED # Description Details
    [1] Battery Failure
    [2] Mains Power Failure
    [3] Telephone Line Failure
    [4] Wireless Detector Battery Low
    [5] Remote Control Battery Low
    [6] Wireless Detector Supervision Failure
    [7] Zone Inactivity Timeout

    After listing any faults the memory of past events will be displayed

    Press The [ Memory ] button to exit
    The only troubles we suggest you try to fix yourself are [2] Power Failure, [3] Telephone Line Fail and [7] Zone Inactivity.

    For [7] What your alarm is telling you is that a zone e.g. sensor hasn’t been triggered for some time. If you have been on holiday for a while try walking in front of all your sensors. If this doesn’t work – it’s time to give us a call

    For [3] Check that your phone is working

    For [2] If you are experiencing a power cut, the problem will resolve itself when the power returns. Check that a plug pack powering the alarm hasn’t been inadvertently turned off or knocked out of the socket. Check your fuse box to make sure that a fuse hasn’t blown. If they are all good — it’s time to call us